Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Do you not hear yet
That a throb of a time
Has been ringing ever since
Gazing at the searing rush in veins
Flooding alive each crevice
From a coast that’s nigh, but runs away often
Gleaming in a wondrous reverie
A battleground mutely waits outspread.

Along that wild black ocean
Stubborn, insolent, wrathful
As waves embark on a lone row
And you hone the burnished dagger once more
While raging flames swell to spew
Lilting, tunes dangle in a queue
Awaiting the rain; to cling to clouds
To twine with one other
Become that known song
But, hush, do not speak
The night is sure to rouse
Certainly still, secretly,
Steering this feverish frenzy
You shall come tonight destined
To meet, ruffled,
An earth ravenous of sky.


whycommentatallifyoucanhelpit said...

M. Phil. Philosophy. University of Delhi. Graduated. Philosophy. St. Stephen's College. Delhi. India.


if only there could be a way to avoid writing that and still be able to write as such.

Anonymous said...

It is truly a beautiful poem. I think one of your best posts. Good luck.