Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Dreamer

Burning noon, it is midnight.
The indigo fields lie open all while.
Zest in stone, face the rocky height,
Wild roses springing from sand.

The white ocean is ever so restive,
The night’s just fallen asleep.
And the moon is awake still.
Eclipsed in total radiance,
The dreamer wakes up.
Bleary eyed.


Anonymous said...

O Dreamer of the Night
traveller of the fathomless sky
Dive into the ocean white
and reach the quiet spot
Midnight will pass

Web Satan said...

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Web Satan said...

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ankurindia said...

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alex said...

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Anonymous said...

And;finds Her Soul mirrored in 'mist-Blue'of indigo fields!
Then.........,a forgotten hymn starts flowing.
Blissfully 'The Noon'gets its destined 'Meaning'.

Prabhat said...

The Above posting was me.
Is it ok;I am asking you all.Thanks